Camping World Truck Series
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Are you Ready... I Said Are You Ready...To get back to Racing. After a long break we are getting racey again.

All races Hardcore Mode except for Eldora which will be Expert Mode
Wear factor 3x except for Eldora which will be 1x.
Download the Mod here;sa=view;down=546
Download Hunter's Tracks Here;cat=9
Download Mosport Here;sa=view;down=84
Download Michigan Here;cat=7
Download Eldora Speedway Here

Post your Car number & Team below
Post your paints here If you don't have a login for this let one of us know. You are allowed up to 3 paints including an ingame paint if you wish to use one.

Speedyman11 Wins 2015 TMS Truck Series
Speedyman makes it two in a row, wins at Iowa
Speedyman11 Win's the VTA Championship / BlackKnight brings home the win at Charlotte